Gassy Dog

Ben went to obedience school today.  He did a great job and was rewarded with extra treats.  Unfortunately, Ben is really gassy tonight as a result of those treats.

As you can see, he is not bothered at all by the noxious smells he is producing.  Ben is resting peacefully tonight.  However, I have considered buying some type of breathing apparatus.

If you happen to see me tomorrow and I look a bit tired, it’s a result of trying to sleep in a room that smells suspiciously like a cesspool.


Don’t worry Ben.  I still love you.


10 thoughts on “Gassy Dog

  1. hahaha I think I would be switching treats, if I were you! Tippy and I were in my truck one day and she “passed gas.” It really stunk too, and she looked at me like I was the one who had done it. It was too funny.

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  2. Dog farts are the best! I remember Kubas farts when he had caught a bit of cheese. The silent farts are the smelliest. One night we decided Kuba needed to sleep in another room on the sofa. He understood.


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