Flashing Neighbor

My neighbor is a single female, around 60 years old, and she cuts her own grass.

When she gets hot, she lifts the bottom of her shirt and uses it to wipe her face.  She doesn’t wear a bra, so she ends up exposing herself to whoever may be in the area.

My poor mother has already been flashed three times by our neighbor.

Here is the question:  Do we confront the neighbor and tell her that she is exposing her breasts every time she wipes her face?

I vote “yes,” but my mom votes “no.”

What do you think?  If this was your neighbor, what would you do?


44 thoughts on “Flashing Neighbor

    • No one is just waiting around for this to happen. I am not sure if she realizes how much she is exposing herself. If a child sees her breasts and it is reported to the police, she could be charged with indecent exposure and labeled a sex offender in the United States. That’s one of the reasons I think we should tell her about the issue.

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  1. She lifts the BOTTOM of her skirt (so the hemline) and exposes her breasts? I would suggest that she is exposing everything from the knees upwards but then, I am male so what do I know!

    Anyway…. to tell her? Of course you should. It is a matter of basic respect. She may be flaunting herself, or she may be totally oblivious in which case severe embarrassment is a possibility. The question that we all seem to forget is really simple: “If I were in that position, would I want somebody to let me know?” We should always treat people the way that we would like to be treated.

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      • Ooops …….. reading one letter wrong can make a huge difference. My apologies however, my position does not change.

        I am quite disturbed though by the responses you are getting! Wouldn’t common courtesy dictate “I’m sorry to bother you, and I don’t wish to embarrass you, but do you realize that every time you wipe your face with your shirt you are exposing yourself”.
        As for the comment that her age has any remote connection to the circumstances is simply juvenile.
        “She’s hardly in her dotage” What on earth has that got to with anything.
        As for guessing that she knows? That is simply a way of avoiding addressing the issue.

        I really am in shock that an elderly lady (what is elderly anyway?) who is exposing herself is basically ignored. Yes……….. she may be an exhihibitionist. Yes ……… she may know exactly what she is doing, but to do nothing based purely on assumptions is abominable. Shame on all of you!


  2. This reminds me of a birthday card I saw in which a beefy, tattooed biker approaches an old woman at a bus stop and says ‘Show us your tits’. You open the card to the sketch in which she lifts her skirt about two inches and there they are.
    Keep your sense of humour and don’t worry about the neighbour.

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      • Oh well …

        Most people over here have walls between their properties, or at least large hedges.
        In all honesty I personally cannot see a problem.
        It’s not as if your neighbour is gardening nude or topless and unless she was ”flashing” on purpose how many times would she wipe her forehead during the time it took to mow the lawn?
        Of course it would also depend on the weather, size of the lawn, direction in which she was mowing, whether you were actively waiting to count the number of Breast Exposures there were in any given lawn mowing period.

        Maybe your State/county/town has a Breast Exposure limit?
        Also, as your neighbor is around 60?, maybe there is a statute of limitations on whether a woman can be prosecuted for Breast Exposure.

        I recommend you contact the local weather authorities so you can plan for the next likely sunny/hot day ( I presume lawn-mowing would likely take place over a weekend?).
        It does at the Ark’s spot, and I always try to hydrate myself as much as possible and wear a hat and also Million Factor Sun-Block. Johannesburg sun burns, believe me.
        Occasionally I will mow the lawn without my shirt and if Agnes ( my hot neighbour who works as a curator at Johannesburg zoo) sees me she normally just waves. Certainly, my wife has never intimated I might be giving Agnes sweaty,sleepless nights for exposing my breasts.
        Anyway … back to your Flasher.

        Once you have established a promising future date try to rally your neighbours, and the local Sheriff and maybe a few deputies around to your place.
        You could even make a BBQ in the Yard ensuring it is in direct line of sight of the prospective path of the lawnmower.
        Binoculars and a decent camera with a telephoto lens will help your case.
        I recommend a Canon with a 75- 300 mm telephoto lens.
        Used correctly – use a tripod and set it to automatic and you should capture those areola in superb HD.

        All you have to do is upload and print.
        10 x 12 are large enough.
        Then again if she has very large breasts you might not need such large prints.
        Size is relative I guess, but I doubt the shape or cup size matter in this case, right?

        The evidence can then be either handed over to the Sheriff or presented directly to your neighbour.
        And if you are worried about direct confrontation post it, adding a note that the photos were taken by a CIA spy drone that has been monitoring a local Muslim children’s creche for potential Al Qaeda recruits of the future.

        Remember, being on good terms with one’s neighbours is worth it’s weight in gold.

        Fortunately this may or may not be a serious reply.


  3. I was reading through some of the comments and it dawned on my that there are some cultural differences here in the deep south. I live in what is referred to as the “Bible Belt” of the United States.

    My neighbor doesn’t have a fence, so she could be seen by a child. If someone reports that to the police, the neighbor could be charged with indecent exposure, fined, face possible jail time, and registered as a sex offender.

    It only takes one person to call the police instead of talking to her about it and she would be charged with a crime involving a sexual offense against a minor.


  4. I agree with Dan. I suspect she knows, but it doesn’t matter to her. As to concern about being labeled a sex offender, I don’t think showing a breast would be cause for that. Have you seen the gowns celebrities are wearing, in public, on TV?


  5. As I am nearing 60 I would definitely want to know. (I think of would be aware of the fact they were being exposed) but as a courtesy she should be told if children might see. You are right in this day and age in the US it is not only risqué but risky to be exposing body parts.

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  6. Most of the times people don’t know anyone can see them. People are comfortable in their own domains, gardens, houses, thinking that it’s their private secluded sphere. It has been so many times, I have noticed my neighbors across the street walking by the window naked or just standing there butt naked while waiting for their kettle to boil. They have no idea that I can sometimes see them and as they are complete strangers, I won’t be knocking on their door any time soon to claim: hey, by the way, I can see straight into your kitchen from my house, so could you please wear pants in your home?

    As long as they don’t know I can see them, they are still comfortable in their home too. Ignorance is bliss. I imagine how bad it would be feel that you couldn’t be comfortable in your own home, because you knew that your neighbors could maybe see you. So unless I had the vibe that the person was exposing them on purpose, I wouldn’t say anything. I’d just try to ignore them and not stare when such mishaps happen 🙂

    There was a topic on seeing things like this on radiolab some time ago: http://www.radiolab.org/story/see-or-not-see/ It’s a long radio show, but if you have time and are interested, you could listen to the very first story they tell. It was very moving and dealt with the exact issue of being able to see into someone else’s home without them knowing.


  7. I vote no, let her live, boobie baring and all. The other night my husband and I were walking our dog as it was just turning dark. We walked by my son’s best friend’s house (both boys are grown and out of the house) and his mom was walking around the kitchen naked with the light on. LOL!!! I thought it was funny, but make a point NOT to look towards her house now on our walks.


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