My Birthday – 43 Years Old

I turned 43 years old today, so I thought I would share 43 fun facts about myself.

  1. I was born in Ft Bliss, Texas.
  2. I spent most of my childhood in Mannheim, Germany.
  3. I attended Department of Defense Educational System (DODES) schools.
  4. I have a BS in Cross Cultural Studies.
  5. I have an MS in theology.
  6. I attended Moscow University in Moscow, Russia, for three months.  Unfortunately, I still can’t speak Russian.
  7. I have a PhD in communication.
  8. I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in 2007.
  9. I am a member of the Sigma Chi Pi Honor Society.
  10. I know American Sign Language.
  11. I have a human research certification.
  12. I have a case management certification.
  13. I have a facilities engineering certification.
  14. I was part of a group that protested in front of drug dealers homes in Dallas, Texas.
  15. I like to do the polar bear plunge on the first day of the year.
  16. I am a certified life coach.
  17. I won the science fair in elementary school.
  18. I played the trumpet in my middle school band.
  19. I saw the Mona Lisa, while I was in Paris, France.
  20. I ate chocolate in Switzerland.
  21. I wondered around Austria.
  22. I ate fish and chips while vacationing in London.
  23. I visited Holland and saw the windmills.
  24. I was flashed in Canada.
  25. I sweated a lot during my week in Mexico.
  26. I like getting tattoos.
  27. My favorite color is blue.
  28. I am a horrible speller and probably would have flunked out of school without the help of a spell checker.
  29. I am an extreme introvert.
  30. I tend to be organized.
  31. I don’t like coffee.
  32. I can’t live without soda.
  33. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  34. I love to read.
  35. I wear cargo pants everyday.  You never know when you might need those extra pockets.
  36. I have two pair of shoes (tennis shoes that I wear everyday and a pair of houseshoes).
  37. My family refuses to play foosball with me, because I always win.
  38. I don’t like to play checkers with my niece (Gwen), because she always wins.
  39. I am stubborn.
  40. I have a rebellious streak in me.
  41. I like to explore and try new things.
  42. When I was a teenager, I got banned from the mall, a gas station, and a movie theater.
  43. I used to be a vegetarian, but I failed.

Please share some fun and unique facts about yourself in the comment section.


100 thoughts on “My Birthday – 43 Years Old

  1. Forty-three years old
    Is about when life begins
    So people say
    And for all I know
    It’s as good as it’s told 🍸

    PS: love the idea in #35—Now why I’ve never thought of that?! 🙂


  2. I was born in Reading, PA
    I spent my entire childhood in Reading, PA
    I do not have a college degree
    I do have my CPCU designation (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) among several other insurance designations
    I would love to learn American Sign Language
    I love to line dance and have even taught line dancing
    I visited Stonehenge
    I spent 50 days via plane, ship, auto, and train in eleven countries (England, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Canary Islands, and line danced in each country as well as on all the forms of transportation mentioned.
    I had fish and mushy peas in England
    Been to Mexico and Canada (both sides Eastern Canada and Western Canada)
    Favorite color is blue
    I prefer to be organized (a place for everything and everything in its place)
    I love coffee
    I rarely, if ever, drink soda
    I love a good glass of wine
    I drive a Prius Hybrid
    I love to read but do not do enough of it
    I wear cargo shorts in the summer and cargo pants in the winter
    I practically live in sneakers
    Being Pennsylvania Dutch, I can be stubborn at times
    I love to travel to see our children (one in southern CA, one in NE CT, and one here in FL just 20 minutes away
    I love to walk but am out of the habit and need to get back into it for exercise
    I love fish and chicken more than I do red meat
    I do love to write basically humorous stuff


  3. A Midsummer"s Night Dream says:

    Native New Yorker
    Born in May
    My daughter has the same BD as you
    Favorite food is Mac n Cheese
    Love coffee
    Have 2 cats
    Live alone (crazy cat lady – lol)
    Love Photography, nature, summertime
    Favorite color Lavender
    Like watching B&W movies especially staring Clark Gable
    Into nostalgia
    Like to cook
    Collect teapots
    Like browsing in Thrift Stores
    Love big fluffy cloufds
    Live in jeans and sneakers
    Need an hour of quiet after a stressful day at work
    Very logical
    Love chocolate and caramel
    Love the smell of burning leaves
    I am a dreamer and a procrastinator


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