Never Ending Christmas

I went to the store to buy bread and discovered they already started putting out the Christmas stuff.  It’s still September and the temperature in Alabama is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every year Christmas stuff comes out a bit earlier.  It also stays out longer for the after Christmas sales.

If this trend continues at some point we will have a never ending Christmas.


25 thoughts on “Never Ending Christmas

  1. In the local Highlands Newspaper in Australia I noticed an advertisement seeking volunteers to act as Santa. Experience not required, but joviality and those with a deep ho, ho ho given preference. Females with rich chest resonance and dark vocal qualities accepted too.

    Soon the running of the shop trolleys will start.

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  2. I love Christmas, but this marketing in July/August/September, etc. is just waaaay too much. Frankly, I find it overwhelming and makes one feel frazzled. The stores constantly urging one to spend money one does not have…no thank you. I’ll take my holidays one at a time, as they come along! Woof!

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  3. I feel that having holiday themed things in the stores and decorations up months before the actual holiday is rather sad, because I’m always already so tired of it all by the time the holiday actually arrives 😦

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