Personal Quirkiness

One of my personal quirks is I can’t stand for my hair to touch my ears.  It really annoys me.  I am not sure why I get so irritated by hair touching my ears, but I do have a theory.

Due to my inner-ear deformities, I had numerous ear surgeries.  There were so many surgeries, by the time I entered my teen years I had lost count.  The surgeries continued into early adulthood.  Maybe that’s why I am so sensitive about my ears.

If you have personal quirks, please share them in the comment section.



26 thoughts on “Personal Quirkiness

  1. I too have severe hearing problems. I have given up trying to understand what people are saying and instead answer by saying ‘yes or no’ to any question levelled at me. It has a fifty % chance of being right.
    I have as yet no problem with hairs touching my ears and instead relish that I still have hairs capable of touching my ears.

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  2. I can’t bear the feel around my neck of polo neck jumpers. I don’t have a problem with scarves etc but that ring of a polo makes me feel as if I’m being strangled (past life!!). It’s frustrating as it’s dangerous for me to be cold and I really should wear polo necks all the time!

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  3. I used to hate it when anyone touched my hair, not so anymore.
    Only quirkiness anymore is that I still need to be well-groomed to go out in public. First impressions I guess, but at my age, I’m not sure I should be worrying about first impressions anymore.
    I am what I am.

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  4. I have some kinda problem with my shoulders. Not sure what it is but when I get nervous the discomfort is exacerbated and I move my shoulders around a lot. I look like a meth addict tweaking when that happens.

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