Restless Legs Syndrome

Today is Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day.  I know Restless Legs Syndrome sounds like some crazy made up disorder, but it is real.

My mother has dealt with Restless Legs Syndrome for over a decade and it does cause a great deal of pain and suffering.

I created this info-graph to explain the disorder and the treatment options.


21 thoughts on “Restless Legs Syndrome

  1. Having lived with RLS for many years now (semi-controlled with Mirapex), perhaps I could expand on your (Lynn) Post. The feeling is not limited to the legs and, in my case, “Restless Feet Syndrome” would be more accurate. One of the causes apparently, is the body’s inability to produce sufficient Dopamine. This can (as in my case) be corrected by taking meds that stimulate Dopamine production but, unfortunately, the body then becomes dependent on the medication!
    All stimulants are a potential problem, so discretion is critical with salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.
    My worst recent experience was on a cross country flight in a cramped seating area and in turbulence. If you can imagine a feet crushing sensation (so loosen laces on shoes), which gets worse (so slip shoes off); you must get up and move around (can’t – turbulence); must stretch legs (can’t – insufficient space in front); turn sideways to stretch (difficult with seat belt on)….. fellow passengers are now wondering what on earth my problem is!
    There are so many worse things than RLS, but is a very frustrating and uncomfortable condition.

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  2. Yes, I’ve suffered with this for decades. It kept getting worse and worse until I had to start taking medication for it. Along with that, I find that calcium/magnesium supplements help a lot as does apply heat from those heating bags you warm in the microwave. It is an awful malady for sure!!!
    🙂 ❤

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  3. I have wondered if I had this. If I do it is a mild case, but it is extremely discomfiting. Lying down in my bed, trying to nod off, and then my legs just jerking. Trying to describe what I have experienced, the closest is scraping your nails on a chalkboard. Best wishes that you do not get it.


  4. I have fibormayalgia, a central nervous disorder and I have had restless legs for years, but in the last two years it has become impossibly aggravating…I take clonazapam when it is mild and mirapex when it is flaring… words cannot begin to describe what it’s like to have ants crawling and biting under yourskin!!


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