34 thoughts on “National Name Your Car Day

  1. I have had a number of vehicles over the years, but only one ever got a name. “Emily” (affectionately known as “Em”) was a Chevy Astro van and was easily the most fun vehicle to drive out of many! She “moved on” in 2001, but I still have fond memories of her. In fact, a few years ago, I treated myself to a really nice mountain bike …… which now has “Emily” on the cross bar!

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  2. Lynn, you’re giving me lots to do – I must describe me using all the letters of the English alphabet and now I must name my cars, too. Haha! I’m starting to think I’m boring. I’ll get back to you later – on both. 🙂 I love the name of your Jeep, sounds so strong!

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  3. I never named any of my cars till I recently bought a 2016 VW Sportwagen (sic). It is black inside and out, and quite zippy and fun to drive. One day shortly after I bought it, I stood beside it and thought, “What a black beauty!” Since then, it’s name has been Black Beauty!

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