Hate Standardized Test

As a child, I hated taking the standardized tests.  We would spend hours reading the questions and filling in the little circles.  There was no interaction with peers or teachers.  When you finished the test, you had to sit quietly at your desk and stare at the wall.  It was the most boring thing we had to do in school.

I dealt with my frustration and boredom by using the answer sheet to create cool designs.  I never read the questions, I just filled in the bubbles to make nifty pictures.  I also used whatever scrap paper we were given to write funny stories.

Obviously, I didn’t do well on those standardized tests.  I didn’t care about the score, it was the principle of the matter.  I hated those tests and I refused to participate.



10 thoughts on “Hate Standardized Test

    • I don’t think my life would have been that different. I was able to get into the university I really wanted to attend. My grades were always good and I was even on the honor role in high school. Still, it’s possible that things would have been different.

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  1. I think my husband might have done something similar to this! LOL I do think that sometime we end up in life exactly where we should be no matter how we took the tests.
    I did not go to college and my folks feel bad they did not offer to help put me through. I always assure them I am very happy with where I ended up.

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  2. Thankfully, we didn’t have standardized tests when I was in school. I have, however, helped proctor some lately and you aren’t the only student to make cool designs with the answers. I think this is not a very good way to show what the student has actually learned. Lots of reasons, including the above, students stressing over the test and freezing, students maybe not feeling well that day, etc. I sort of understand the reasoning behind them, but …..

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