Blogging Heroes


I found this book on Amazon and decided to buy it.  I love blogging and interacting with other bloggers, so I thought it would be cool to see what some of the biggest bloggers had to say about blogging.

I made a list of my favorite quotes in the book.

  • “The secret to success is consistency and quality.” (Chris Grant)
  • “Blogging is a way to make myself smarter.” (Chris Anderson)
  • “The blogosphere is filled with undiscovered gems.” (Gina Trapani)
  • “Don’t start blogging for money; start blogging because of your passion.” (Frank Warren)
  • “It’s great that anyone who wants to have a voice can do so with a blog.” (Mike Masnick)
  • “You’ll find an audience if you write what you’re passionate about.” (Mark Frauendelder)
  • “I eat, sleep, and breathe my blog.” (Deborah Petersen)
  • “Don’t write anything in a  blog that you wouldn’t say to someone face-to-face.” (Scott McNulty)
  • “The golden rule in blogging is to be authentic in every aspect of your operation.” (Brad Hill)
  • “A quality article to me is something that plants a seed in the mind of the reader.” (Gary Lee)
  • “The really popular blogs are the ones where readers can tell the author is passionate about the topic.” (Richard MacManus)



30 thoughts on “Blogging Heroes

  1. I’ll add this on my to do list but personally I disagree with the last quote. I’m passionate about my work and my blog is far from popular; if anything I may get a handful of likes at times but this is rare.

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  2. As a beginning blogger, I am finding it hard to be consistent….well, I interpret that word as blogging every day, or every week, or on some consistent schedule. Life, and work, seem to get in my way. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Nice post Lynn Thaler. I thought it was interesting cause something similar happen to me. You found a book on amazon and bought it. I read a book of an author in the local library and had to get more info about him later. I ended up reading an article of his blog beginnings. He’d been blogging for some years before I read part of his book. I stopped reading rushed to a store in my county and bought his newest one. His name is Darren Rowse which was easy to remember because my son name is Darren too. I must mention the quotes are like bait for me and I will look up some those authors you mentioned. Thanks, for your wonderful post. I did follow you so, I hopefully won’t miss any other post you have. Perhaps I might start with your previous ones first.

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  4. Tulisan Blogger Indonesia by Febriyan says:

    Nice book. I really love this one:
    “Don’t start blogging for money; start blogging because of your passion.” (Frank Warren)


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