Joey – A Destructive Force

During Joey’s first year with me, his ability to destroy things was astonishing.  He caused thousands of dollars in damages within a few months.

Here’s a list of his damages:

  • Ripped up the carpet in the living room by pulling it away from the wall and exposing the concrete subfloor
  • Completely destroyed a couch and love seat by removing the leather and stuffing until the wood base structure was exposed
  • Took curtains off the wall, ripped them into shreds, and bit the curtain rod into two pieces
  • Took books off the bookcase and literally shredded them, including one book titled Good Dog Stay (it was a book about dog training, which I thought was funny)
  •  Chewed up a printer
  • Ate a calculator
  • He also destroyed an unknown number of pillows, shoes, clothes, towels, and other such items around the house.

I will admit during that first year, I felt overwhelmed.  A few people recommended I find a new home for Joey, they said he was more than I could handle and I actually considered it for a brief moment.

Then I remembered, I make a promise to every dog that I adopt.  I promise to love them and take care of them for the rest of their lives.  I had never broken that promise before and I was not about to start.

28 thoughts on “Joey – A Destructive Force

  1. I think Tippy might have given Joey a run for his money, had she been an inside dog as a puppy. Even though I might do things differently now, I think it was a good thing that she was not allowed in the house for her first 9 months or so. Even at that, she messed with the insulation on the garage door, gnawed on the siding on the house, ate my eye glasses that I foolishly left outside, and ripped apart every stuffed toy she was given. I say, bless you for keeping your promise and not killing him in his first year. LOL


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