Joey – Self Inflected Injuries

Joey had a habit of injuring himself, while he was goofing around or playing.

One evening, Joey was running around the yard.  However, he was looking to his left and not in the direction he was running.  He ended up running into a tree with a low hanging branch.  He had cuts on his eyebrow and eyelid.  He also had scratches on his cornea.

Joey came running back to me with blood pouring form his face.  I immediately took Joey to the emergency veterinarian clinic, since this did not happen during regular business hours.

The doctors cleaned his face and removed bark from his eye.  I was given prescription eye drops to put in Joey’s eye three times a day to prevent infection.

Joey was not happy about those eye drops.  I had to put Joey in a head lock, pry open his eye, and then squirt the drops on his face.  He was bucking like some kind of wild horse, so I just kept squirting and hopped some of the medication actually made it into his eye.

His eye healed nicely and he didn’t lose his vision, so I guess it worked.

The second self-inflicted injury happened while we were at a training class.  We were in a large room with metal support poles running along the center of the room.

We arrived early, so Joey decided to spend his time playing.  He was jumping and spinning around in circles.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and banged his head into one of the poles.

It made a loud bonging noise and Joey was staggering as he walked away.  My goofy dog ended up with a concussion and we were back at the veterinarian’s office.

I tried to convince the doctor to put Joey on a sedative to help him calm down, for his own protection.  The veterinarian refused my request.  She said Joey is a high spirited dog, but he is tough enough to withstand his own silliness.

I was a bit disappointed, I was really hoping for some sedatives to slow this wild dog down a bit.  His destructive habits and self-injuries behavior had blown a massive hole in my budget.


27 thoughts on “Joey – Self Inflected Injuries

  1. You have a beautiful Joey! I think he needs a calming aid. Lol. Lab’s are wonderful dogs but so self destructive and just hyper all the time. When I had buddy my lab before he passed away I took him hiking in the HA HA Tonka hills every morning and he over time calmed down. They love running, structure and consistency. Can’t wait for Joey’s next story.

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  2. Glad none of his injuries were permanent. Sounds like you had an interesting first year with him, to say the least. Fortunately, Tippy has not injured herself. She was better at injuring me with her teeth, claws, and just running into me at full speed. I would laugh at her when she was a puppy because she would take off running, decide to change directions, not slow down, and turn a somersault. I thought I should have named her Tipsy. 🙂

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