Joey – Training Programs

At some point, I realized I could not handle Joey without help.  I decided to take him to an obedience school.

The first place we went, didn’t go well.  Joey was wild and the trainer could not get him to sit still long enough to do anything.  She eventually decided Joey was just “not that bright.”  After a month, she expelled Joey for his destructive behavior.

The second place was not any better.  Joey got into a fight with another dog in the class and was expelled for aggressive behavior.

I talked to the receptionist at my veterinarian’s office and told her about Joey being expelled from two different schools.  She recommended a trainer named Steve.

I called Steve, told him my story, and asked if he would allow a juvenile delinquent dog into his school.  Steve laughed and said he would love to get a chance to work with Joey.

We went to class twice a week for a couple of years.  Joey ended up repeating the beginner class four times, but he was improving and I was learning how to channel his energy and how to manage his behavior in a positive way.


17 thoughts on “Joey – Training Programs

  1. We had a dog named Joey who was a handful as well. His original owner spelled it “Joie” but it sounded the same as your dog. Our Joie came to us crate trained. This meant he was put in the crate any time he did bad or good or nothing at all. The husband never wanted him and the wife was positive they didn’t get the dog she picked out. Then a baby came and they had to “get rid of Joie” (those were the words she said to me). We had a dog but thought we could handle a second one. Oh, boy, was I wrong. He was, as his groomer affectionately referred to him “arbitrarily stubborn”. He also flunked out of obedience school and was banned from two groomers. But eventually, he found the missing piece to his life…love. We lost him 3 years ago to an aggressive lung cancer. I think your Joey is a pretty good looking guy!

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  2. There are some really good examples of training on TV. My favorite has to be Dog Town, though. Love, security, food, and exercise, and they turned the pit bulls who were badly abused by Vicks into loving dogs. Always keep looking for the right strategy. Dogs are worth it.

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