Joey – Certifiably Good

As I said in an earlier post, it took four attempts for Joey to finally complete his beginner dog training class.  Once we mastered the beginning level, Joey and I went on and completed the intermediate and the advanced classes.

After two years of training and working with Joey, he was able to pass the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification exam.  I was so excited about Joey receiving the Canine Good Citizen Certification, I told everyone about it.  I said Joey is now “certifiably good.”

I took Joey to a nursing home in Decatur and he was able to make several of the residents happy.  He would snuggle against them and loved to be hugged.  He was always polite and gentile with the residents.

I am so impressed by how Joey went form a buck wild crazy dog to a Canine Good Citizen in just a matter of two years.  I am glad I never gave up on Joey.

Joey is no longer able to do some of the things he used to enjoy.  He used to run for hours, but now he can only run for a few minutes and then he sleeps for hours.

It doesn’t matter that Joey is getting older and has some health problems.  He will always have a home with me.

Joey – You are an awesome dog and I will always love you.



37 thoughts on “Joey – Certifiably Good

  1. I am so glad that you mentioned the 2 years of training. I have heard about people who think that dogs somehow come ready-trained or that they can at least be trained in a few weeks. While it is a theoretical possibility, anybody contemplating adopting a dog must expect that training can be a very long process and to just be patient and work at it. They may even get a pleasant surprise!

    Our Ray was totally untrained, anti-social and displayed a host of other undesirable traits. After 3-1/2 years of working with him, he is now better behaved than most dogs we meet on our walks, and is a real “love” to have around the home. His previous owners have no idea what they missed by not looking after him.

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    • I know people that adopt dogs and think it should be trained all ready, as if the dog is born knowing everything, and don’t want to put any work into the training process. They get mad and think the dog is bad when it doesn’t behave perfectly, so they get rid of the dog. It drives me crazy. I wish we could make people undergo some kind of class about how to care for and train dogs, before they actually get a dog. That would really help.

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    • Sometimes people will tell me they wish they could have a dog as good as Joey, so I tell them his story. I tell them it is possible, but it takes work.

      Some people fill hopeful, because the may have never considered obedience school.

      Others just look at me with a blank stare.

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  2. Joey looks like my Shasta, who used to go visit the hospital and the juvenile detention center with my husband when he was alive. Labs are puppies for a very long time, but they are such loving animals.

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