22 thoughts on “Carrot Loving Dog

    • I have 5 dogs. Joey is the oldest and Ben is the baby of the family. He is only 1 year old. Buddy is 2 years old and he loves to play with Ben. Those two are inseparable. Blue is the dog that travels a lot, because he really enjoys it. The others get a bit timid when faced with to many novel situations. Norton is the smallest in the group. He only weights 13 pounds, but he still plays with the big boys and he will not let anyone take advantage of him. They are a great group of dog and they all get along very well. They love to play and run around our large backyard. Also, they are all loved very much.

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      • How wonderful. I can tell they are all well loved. It is great you have a huge backyard for them to play in. They are lucky to have you to love and care for them. ❤


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