I Come by it Honestly

I am stubborn, with a rebellious streak, often ignore what people in authority tell me, not good at following directions, and I have a tendency to do things that seem ridiculous to others.

In high school, the principle called my mother so many times we used to say he had her number on speed dial.  I had so many pink slips from school, I could have wallpapered my room with them (pink slips were issued to a student after they were paddled at school).

I have mellowed out a good bit now that I am an adult, but I still have those tendencies.  Even now, I know I can get on my mother’s last nerve and she probably would like to throttle me at times.

When it looks like my mother is about to explode I tell her, “As they say in the South, I come by it honestly.”

This song expresses that sentiment perfectly.

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