Conspiracy – Documentary Series


I found Conspiracy, a TV documentary series that examines various conspiracy theories, on Netflix.

Here are a few of those theories:

  • Hitler did not commit suicide, instead a body double was murdered and reported as being Hitler in the news.
  • The Cold War was a hoax.  A former Nazi criminal began feeding information about the Soviet army to the Allied powers and is responsible for starting the Cold War.  However, much of what he said was a lie.
  • Charles Lindberg is responsible for having his own son kidnapped and murdered.  It is believed by conspiracy theorist that Lindberg was a narcissist and believer in eugenics.  However, his son had medical deformities and this resulted in Lindberg’s desire to dispose of the child.
  • Armstrong never landed on the moon and the moon landing was actually filmed in a studio.

There are many other conspiracy theories covered by this documentary series.  The producers did a good job of explaining the evidence for and against each theory.

I give the show an A+



32 thoughts on “Conspiracy – Documentary Series

    • Apparently, on the advice of Harry Truman’s pet Schnauzer,Mr. Hess, Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of the bunker by a group of recently demobbed American B-52 bomber crew and a couple of pre-fast food restaurant businessmen, called Steven Big Mac and Harvey Donald just before the Russians arrived.

      He was whisked away to Brazil, in an American submarine then later moved to Argentina, where he fell in love with a large breasted mezzo soprano Catholic woman who was an expert at making apple strudel. A firm favorite of Adolf’s it was said.

      Later, he came to America disguised as Neil Diamond, even before Neil Diamond was famous, hooked up with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel and landed a staring role in the movie, The Producers.

      He died at age 98 while on a camping trip in Nevada with a gay priest called Rodney.
      No one knows for sure where his remains are but there is a very reliable rumour that his ashes were purchased by an Israeli building contractor who had them sent back to Tel Aviv where they were mixed in with a several million tons of concrete pre-mix used to construct a brand new pavement/sidewalk in the city.
      Although not any real sort of recompense, at least a great many Jewish people have been walking all over Adolf for several decades.

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  1. Hey it's Alicia :) says:

    I actually saw this show on Netflix the other day as well but I didn’t click on it! Sounds really interesting though and I do like conspiracy theories, so I think I’ll check it out! Thanks for this ❤️


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