Hearing Aids – Cost, Customer Service, or Quality

I was born with inner-ear deformities that resulted in hearing loss and I have worn hearing aids since I was 12 years old.

Here is a copy of my latest hearing test.


Hearing aids are really expensive.  I am talking about thousands of dollars, per aid.  Most people wear hearing aids in both ears, so that could easily cost over five thousand dollars.

When buying hearing aids, there are several things to take into consideration.

  • Cost – I understand it can be difficult spending five to ten thousand dollars every couple of years for a pair of hearing aids.  In America, most insurance companies will not cover hearing aids.  Cost then becomes a critical factor.
  • Customer Service – Hearing aids have to be maintained in order to function properly and prolong the life of the aids.  They should be professionally cleaned every three months.  Also, hearing aids are small and tend to be a bit delicate.  They will need to be repaired occasionally.  It is vital to purchase your hearing aids from a place that will provide the required cleaning and repairs.
  • Quality – Hearing aid brands are not all the same.  When looking at quality, you should consider the sound quality and the structural quality of the hearing aids.

I have worn hearing aids for over thirty years and I have no idea how many audiologist and hearing aid dealers I have seen during that time.  I also have no idea how many hearing aids I have worn over the years.  I have tried numerous brands and types of hearing aids and my favorite has been Beltone.

Beltone is not the cheapest brand I have ever purchased, but the quality has always been good.  I must admit, I am not nice to my hearing aids.  They end up being submerged in water, covered in dirt or mud, dropped from various heights, chewed on by dogs, and even smashed a few times.  However, they usually keep working.  When they do eventually die, I can usually get them fixed within a few days.

The customer service at Beltone has to be what keeps me coming back to purchase hearing aids.  Zach always greets me by name, asks questions about the family or dogs, and even teases me for the crazy things that happen to my hearing aids.  It’s a fun place to get the hearing aids cleaned and purchase new ones when needed.

When it comes to purchasing hearing aids, I think quality and customer service are the most important things to take into consideration.  What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you ever needed to research the cost of hearing aids or purchase a hearing aid?


7 thoughts on “Hearing Aids – Cost, Customer Service, or Quality

  1. I don’t wear a hearing aid yet but I know Mike does. The weekend is full of curses as one or the other dies before it’s time and he has to fiddle to get a new battery in or wait till we get home. I’m sure he doesn’t get good service where he goes, and I know it was expensive. I’ve caught him cleaning them using the quill end of one of Joey’s feathers because he hasn’t brought his kit with him.
    I hope I can avoid needing one.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. It is important that the audiologist asks about your lifestyle. Mine didn’t (and what did I know about hearing aids then!) and after $4000.00 of hearing aids, they distorted the higher frequency instruments (e.g. violin) in a live classical concert. Various adjustments were made with marginal success but I later found out that a totally different style would have been recommended had it been understood up front what my “hearing” interests were.

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      • No Lynn. I had both the audiologist and ReSound involved but nothing was satisfactorily resolved. ReSound did offer me a huge discount off a more expensive and apparently more compatible style, but I then found out that the audiologist was going to take part of the discount!. ReSound would not comment so I will not recommend that manufacturer to anybody! I have not currently looked further, but I will be doing so in the not too distant future. I will be looking for an ‘outside of ear’ fitting (the others slid into the ear), and I want a remote volume control (the others were pre-set).


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