Blogging Success

How do you determine if your blog is successful?  Is there a certain number of followers you are trying to achieve?  Do you base it on the number of people that visit your blog each day?  Do you consider your blog successful if you post on a consistent basis.

I have pondered these questions and I don’t have a clear answer.  It is hard to control how many followers or visitors you have, so using stats to determine your blog success can be a bit difficult.  However, consistency is easier to determine and it may be the best way to decide if you are reaching your blogging goals.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  What does blogging success look like for you?


56 thoughts on “Blogging Success

  1. For me, blogging success is a steady stream of people following me and interacting with comments on a blog post. It’s also keeping the existing followers and having them comment regularly too.
    I no longer follow everyone who follows me as my mail can quickly become overwhelming at 300+ a day. Some of those need translating and some can be very long poems. Interaction on everything is nigh on impossible.
    I suppose we all have our own idea of what success is and I suppose the number of followers must be part of it but I’ve never gone out looking for them, feeling happier with the band of stalwarts I’ve had since I started.
    I hope you find your blogging success.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. Good that you ask the questions. I have asked a few myself with little response. The one question not answered for me is – when someone follows our blog – and wordpress tell us they will receive an email each time we post – my question is – DO THEY? Or is big brother controlling this? I somehow doubt that 192 people are receiving notification very time? But I could be completely wrong.

    I have reached a place where a successful blog is not measured – other than with the satisfaction in putting out there what we consider worthwhile.

    Thanks for your invite to comment. Have a good day.

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  3. Littlemisslager says:

    As of new blogger this is a interesting question I have to admit up to now I have been looking at stats regularly as a guide if I’m doing it right, but I have tried to stick to what interests me and sharing that with others and fingers crossed I have something interesting to say!

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  4. Blogging success to me, and noting the severe limitations of WP stats, is determined from 3 areas:

    Likes – Somebody has taken the trouble to hit that button.
    Comments – Comments = participation = dialogue
    Relationships that develop over long distances

    Based on those 3 factors, I am very happy with my Blog. The Likes and Comments have shown a continual upwards trend. There are a few people around the world who I consider friends as a result of my Blog.

    Success can be determined by answering the question “Am I happy with my Blogging experience?” If the answer is “Yes”, then your Bog is successful!

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    • That is a great way to determine success. I do pay attention to the likes and comments, that helps me determine if people are understanding what I am trying to say and if it resonates with them. I also love blogging and I have a core group of followers that I really enjoy interacting with, so I can say my blog is successful.

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  5. For me, blogging success is when people like and comment on my posts. It shows they’ve taken the time to read what I’ve written and offer discussion with their thoughts too. I also measure success by the number of followers I have, because I want to keep expanding my reach, so I can write for more people, and in turn, more people can read what I have to say. I notice you’ve got more than 1000 followers – wow! I’m a long way off that number, but it’s my goal to have 500 followers by the time of my 1 year anniversary in February 2017. 🙂

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    • Hi Judith – Sadly you cannot rely on Followers stats. Whereas WP is very good at letting you know about new Followers, it has never (in my experience) advised of a single Unfollow! I would suggest that is simply a WP strategy to motivate (which is fine), and also encourages use of their platform for blogging. Visitors and Views likewise cannot be used with any tangible rationale because a person accidentally finding your Blog will be recorded, as will somebody who targeted your Blog, but it did not meet their expectations. If you are interested, I have an earlier comment here which says how I rate effectiveness/success. All the best with your Blogging. 🙂

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  6. Blogging success to me is completely about whether I’m enjoying myself. If I get a laugh from someone’s post or a comment. If I read something beautiful or funny. If it wasn’t enjoyable, I’d stop. I never even glance at stats.

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  7. I wish I could say I never look at stats, but I would be lying, because I do. The numbers aren’t quite as important to me as it was when I first started my blog though. Now, it is more about the people, the interaction, and believing I’ve introduced someone to great books they never would have tried otherwise.

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  8. Great conversation starter. I write for me, so if I have been able to write, I feel successful. That said, I find myself comparing and wondering what would attract an audience, but then I question if writing for ‘likes’ isn’t selling myself out. It’s a bit like chasing my own tail.

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      • Hi V.J. – I would suggest that there is a balance. i.e. my Blog is mainly about our rescued dog and so tends to attract dog lovers. I know that a good quality cute picture of him gets lots of attention and, as my desire is to attract more readers (because the interaction aspect is important to me), then I see nothing wrong in posting cute pics periodically! “Selling out” (that’s when I Unfollow blogs!) is when the subject line is a real search engine “grabber” and has little to do with the culture of the Blog or the specific Post. If you want to generate activity at any price, then just add sexual connotations in the heading and in the Tags! That is “Selling out” big time!


  9. It’s such an moveable feat…when I first started, I was so happy if 5 people liked my post. Now I feel disheartened if only 5 like it. I’m trying to focus less on the numbers – surely it’s more important to have a strong tribe of regular readers? I’m striving to just keep improving – in all areas 🙂

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  10. I blog first for myself – it’s my hobby and my space to be myself and practice writing and learn about blogging and social media. So the fact that I’m still doing this after three years makes it feel like a success to me.

    I do take likes, comments and interaction into account as well, of course. But if I am posting content I am proud of and no one “likes” it. I’m a bit disappointed, but okay with it.

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    • Saarah Na'Allah says:

      I feel the same way as you do. I blog as a hobby and space reflect on my on thoughts. I would definitely love to check your blog out. Please give mine a chance if you have the time. Best of luck

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  11. I blog because I love writing. It makes me relieved to express my feelings and share it with the world. It makes me happy to share my knowledge and help people learn something new! I do it firstly for myself and than for everyone else.


  12. I agree with most of what was said. I would be interested in knowing what normal blogger stats are for visitors, post views and post comments. I love the conversation piece. I am a newer blogger so I have a number of visitors that makes me happy each day. However, who knows if it is terrible compared to you all.LOL!


  13. Great question.
    I think you can tell that you have successful blog, when you have good posts.
    Maybe, I am subjective, but from my angle i am more than happy when I write good post.I am quite self-critical, I admit..but…


  14. Good question. I think it’s ultimately up to you. If you look to your consistency of posts as a measure for success, and you have consistently posted for quite some time, then you are successful in blogging.

    If you believe that it’s in the followers and you’ve amassed a good number of them, then you’re successful.

    If you believe that it’s determined based on whether you’re earning revenue from it or earning enough to quit your day job, and you’re able to do this, then you have a successful blog.

    But beyond all the subjectivity, I think success of any form requires certain principles to follow in order to reach it. It takes practise and will, but if you adopt these principles, you can see more success in your life (of course, accompanied with some failure here and there, but that’s part of the journey).

    Keeping that in mind, I wrote an article highlighting the various principles successful people adopt in order to achieve their success. Do have a look and tell me if it’s valuable for you. 🙂

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  15. I think if you’re just looking at numbers you’ll never be satisfied. You have that rush of exhilaration at 100 then the next moment you hope for two. When you reach a thousand you jump up and down with fingers crossed for ten thousand. At the end of the day if you’re not satisfied with the quality of your posts, you just won’t be satisfied. My two cents…

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  16. I have recently started blogging and I have about 250 followers on my social media and when my post is displayed on social media, people tend to like it and comment over there itself, I am trying to reach out to them in requesting them to do the same on my blog page, so I would be able to measure the success of my blog accurately.


  17. I think the number of views per post matter pretty much. Also the followers, but I noticed the number of views are a lot smaller than the number of followers, which is pretty sad. But yea, I hope I’ll acchieve some more one day. I’m a beginner for now, so if anyone wants to check out my posts I would be extremely grateful! Thank you all in advance! 🙂


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