Fix for Hearing Loss

If there was a way to fix hearing loss, would I want it?

That’s actually a tough question for me.  At times, I would say, “yes.”  I want to hear things other people can hear.  I want to hear things I have never heard before.  I don’t want to worry about batteries dying at inopportune times or hearing aids getting broken and in need of immediate repair.

However, I am not sure I would be happy with normal hearing.  I started wearing hearing aids at 12 years old.  I am used to a quite world.  I am used to turning off the world at anytime.  I am not easily disturbed by loud noises when I am trying to sleep, because I can’t hear them.

If I had normal hearing, it would probably cause be to feel stressed and irritated.  Maybe I would eventually get used to it.  Maybe I would miss the days of being able to turn off all the noise in the world around me.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would decide if the option ever becomes available.

14 thoughts on “Fix for Hearing Loss

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    My daughter is hard-of-hearing and has been so so nice birth. She went to her first “real” concert a couple of months ago and had a panic attack because of all the noise. Even after taking her hearing aids out it was too much. She loves her little quiet world and sometimes I need to remember that that is ok.

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  2. My mom and dad have mild hearing loss and use hearing aids. Once they got them, they sometimes have a hard time with all of the “noise.” My dad seems especially affected by it and will often turn it down. I think if they could just hear voices clearly, they would be happy.


  3. Hello. I’m new to following your blog 🙂 I recently experienced sudden hearing loss, and lost the hearing in my left ear. This means that i now have unilateral hearing, and find it difficult to hear people when there is background noise and I also have sensitivity to sounds, amongst other issues. It’s interesting to read your perspective on the question of having a cure for your hearing impairment. As my experience of hearing loss is very recent, I would do anything to get my hearing back. Yet, i wonder how i will feel in a year or so, when my body has adapted?…Take care. Carly


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