Pity Pot to Positivity


Life hasn’t always been easy for me.  I have faced various traumatic events, dealt with grief, struggled with disabilities, and endured hardships.  However, I will not allow those things to control me or destroy me.  I am an overcomer.

I want to move forward to remain strong.  I want to use my negative experiences to make me resilient.  If I can overcome my past experiences then I can conquer whatever the future holds for me.

Have I ever found myself dwelling on my pity pot, crying about my struggles, and winning about why these things happened to me?  The answer is yes.  I admit I find it cathartic to do so at times.

There is no shame in feeling defeated or feeling sorry for yourself.  Those are natural human emotions.

The important thing is to get off the pity pot and continue moving forward.  Don’t let your past destroy your future.


6 thoughts on “Pity Pot to Positivity

  1. thank you for your honesty again, Lynn. yes, i agree with a previous comment re Pema Chodron’s advice. i have Pema’s book ‘The places that scare you – a guide to fearlessness in difficult times’. an excellent read.

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  2. I agree. There are times, as humans, that we need to spend a little while on that pity pot. But, once our “business” is done, we need to get up and move forward. It’s not always easy, and, we may find ourselves going back and forth, or, as C.S. Lewis described it in “A Grief Observed”, travel in an ever widening spiral. Eventually, things do get better and we can be productive again.

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