Rush to Judgement

Have you ever noticed how quick our society is to rush to judgement?  All it takes is one picture or just one sentence and a person can become demonized in social media.

Why is an individual condemned by society, based on a minuscule amount of information?  Why is there no attempt to find out the background, the context, or the rest of the story?

Why do people feel so much anger and hatred toward these condemned individuals?  Why do they feel so much loathing for people they don’t even know?  Why do people post about their hate and send violent threats to strangers, without ever considering how their actions will effect the other person?

What does all this rush to judgement, demonization of strangers, angry rants, and threats of violence say about us as a society?  Also, why are we not talking about this issue more often?  Why don’t we try to do something about it?

8 thoughts on “Rush to Judgement

  1. Very good points, Lynn. Many years ago, a Sunday newspaper printed lies about me, complete with family photographs. No attempt was made by the journalists to contact me to check the facts. Because it concerned others I chose to let it lie, rather than give it more publicity.

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  2. No answers… Judging is by far a greater wrong, a sin— than we have been taught. The effects of it emotionally ravaging and at times financially devastating. More lives are ruined more so than a postive change comes from it. Yet, we, Humanity still have the vastness of learning good. Great post. Awesome thoughts.

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  3. Probably because we are a very insecure society. If we can dramatize other people’s imperfections, we do not need to dwell on our own?
    Probably because we have so little control over our lives, but we can still express ourselves and vent our own frustrations on others?
    Probably because the world is changing so fast that we capitalize on any opportunity to support our personal status quo?
    Probably because we live in an “instant” society so now look for instant answers to all our questions?
    Probably because we are so consumer controlled, and have become so self-serving, that we simply cannot be bothered to research anything. It is easier to simply make assumptions and condemn accordingly (and maintain our perceived image).
    Probably because hypocrisy in religion has not only driven us away from the church, but has also divorced us from the basic principles of Christianity.
    Probably because hypocrisy in government has created major apathy towards same. The only impact we can now have is against each other.
    Probably because our world is driven by corporate greed and profit, and we are merely puppets in their schemes. We know that and feel helpless, hence our outbursts of frustration.
    Probably because we are no longer taught the concepts of compassion and understanding,

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