Hardback Books and Paperback Books

I have no preferences between a paperback book or a hardback book.  The paperback version is cheaper, but the hardback is often more durable.

However, I don’t like dust jackets on hardback books.  They tend to slip off the book and they can get wrinkled.  I think dust jackets are annoying.

Does anyone else hate having a dust jacket on a book?

20 thoughts on “Hardback Books and Paperback Books

  1. I can’t handle paperback books. The smaller print and smell gives me migraines, have since I was a child. I only read hardback books, and I try to take off the dust jacket and store it away while I read so that I can replace it later when it’s displayed on my bookshelf.

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  2. Samantha says:

    I always fight with the dust jackets… And I keep telling myself eventually I’ll win, but I secretly know I won’t. Nevertheless, I always keep them on. Until they fall apart or annoy me one too many times.

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  3. Yes so much! I hate them so much that I honestly buy paperbacks. I have an eReader now so this isn’t as much of an issue. But before I had one I always bought paperbacks. Not only do I have the dust jackets, but I also hate when the book peels from the spine when it gets used. I honestly have such a hatred of hard covers. More durable yes, but they show their age more.


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