Classics in Literature

I do enjoy reading the classics.  A few of my favorites are:

  • Great Expectations
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • 1984

However, there are a few that I just can’t stand.  I don’t get the appeal.

  • Jane Eyre
  • Moby Dick
  • Canterbury Tales

How about you?  Do you enjoy reading the classics?  Are there any classics that you hate reading?

20 thoughts on “Classics in Literature

  1. I absolutely adore classics!! I could go on forever about it- I love everything from Jane Austen and jm Barrie to hardy and Dostoevsky!! And yes- I love the Canterbury tales too- but I did happen to have an amazing teacher for it- it’s actually really funny and full of great characters and really intriguing premises- once you get past the difficult language!


  2. My husbands Great+ Grandfather was Chaucer, so that’s cool. It wasn’t until I had the right teacher in British Literature that I found that fascinating at all. Sadly I was never really forced to read too many classics, I”m planning on visiting the classics when my daughters are older, and sharing that with them.

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  3. Everything Dostoevsky wrote from his four great novels and novellas and short stories. And Shakespeare, especially the sonnets. And Kafka. Somehow I like male writers more. Don’t know why.


  4. I only read the classics when forced to in High School. But, here lately, I have put some on my bucket list. I really dislike “The Catcher in the Rye.” Read it a long time ago and then again recently, to see if I was missing something as a child. I wasn’t! I really loved “Robinson Crusoe”, which surprised me greatly. I read “The Three Muskateers” in High School because I thought it would be an easy read. Boy was it hard to get through and I couldn’t keep the names straight. I may have to try that one again.


  5. themusingidealist says:

    Oh man, sorry you all don’t like Moby Dick. I’d say it’s easily one of the greatest novels written. I understand, though. There’s a good deal of philosophy which can be difficult (but rewarding). A man who was marred by a whale but blames God for that and all of the evils done to humankind for all of history. He hates the divine so much that he chases Moby Dick across the world thinking him the agent of God. He’s an “ungodly godlike man.”


  6. themusingidealist says:

    I finished East of Eden last year. I’ve read a lot of literature (I’m a lit teacher) but have never been so deeply affected as I was by that book. So powerful. One “classic” that I don’t like is To Kill a Mockingbird.


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