Bells Palsy

I have been dealing with a massive ear infection for six weeks.  It started to spread and caused a sinus infection a few weeks ago.  It also caused my ear drum to rupture.  Just when I think the infection is under control, it starts to flare up again.

I have already completed three rounds of anti-biotcs and one round of steroids.

Yesterday, the infection started to cause problems with my facial nerves and I developed Bells Palsy.

The left side of my face is numb and I have very little control over the muscles.  I can’t taste anything on the left side of my tongue.  I can’t smile on the left side of my face.  However, the worst part is I can’t close my left eyelid all the way shut.  I can get pretty close if I squeeze really hard, but it is difficult.

As you can imagine, my eye is very dry.  I have to use eye drops frequently and at night I have to tape my eyelid closed.

The doctor gave me another prescription for steroids and some anti-viral medications.  Hopefully, that will knock out the infection for good.