10 Simple Things to Remember


The book (10 Simple Things to Remember) is designed to be an inspiration to the reader and help the reader gain a better understanding of life.

The author started out as a greeting card writer and that lead her to develop the “simple things to remember” list.

  1.  Love is why we are here.  It is what gives life meaning.
  2. The most important day is today.  Life is better when we take time to enjoy each day.
  3. If you always do your best, you will not have regrets.
  4. In spite of your best efforts, somethings are just out of your control.
  5. Things will always look better tomorrow.
  6. Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you to exactly the right place.
  7. Sometimes when you think the answer is “no,” it is just “not yet.”
  8. True friends share your joy, see the best in you, and support you through your challenges.
  9. God and your parents will always love you.  Remember this when you are feeling alone.
  10. For all your accomplishments, nothing will bring you more happiness than the love you find.

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