Hinduism is the third largest and one of the oldest religions in the world.  The sacred text are known as the Four Vedas and they were directed by an eternal source.

Brahman is the supreme being.  A teaching unique to Hinduism, it is possible for people to achieve union with Brahman while still on earth.

Vishnu is the god of restoration.  Vishnu appears on Earth during times of great tribulation, through incarnation.

Prophecy teaches when Vishnu comes for the tenth incarnation, he will be riding a white horse and holding a flaming sword.  This prophecy is very similar to the prophecy of the return of Jesus Christ to Earth.

I find the correlation between Christianity and Hinduism to be rather interesting.  Both teach God comes to Earth through incarnation and both teach the reincarnation or return of that God on a white horse with a sword.


Source:  Know it All by Susan Aldridge, Elizabeth King Humphrey, and Julie Whitaker