Blinking Deserves a Nap

I am still struggling with Bells Palsy, but I am starting to see improvements.  The recovery processes is going to take several more months.

I can fully close my eyelid again, so I am not taping my eye shut anymore.  However, blinking my left eye still requires a good bit of effort and concentration.  I also get fatigued easily, since my body is still trying to recover.

The other day, I told my mom I needed to take a nap.  I was exhausted, because I spent hours blinking.

My mom laughed.  She thought it was the most ridiculous sounding excuse for a nap that she ever heard.  However, she did admit in my case it was valid.


4 thoughts on “Blinking Deserves a Nap

  1. It’s the emotional exhaustion that wears a person out. Physical exertion is be regenerated in half the time. I wish you pleasant dreams while you sleep and let your body do the work of healing itself.


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