Bell’s Palsy Recovery

I saw the neurologist today and he was impressed by how fast I am recovering from Bell’s Palsy.  I have regained 95% of muscle control in the last three weeks.

The doctor said I am very lucky, because a lot of people take months to achieve this level of recovery.  Also, I will not need physical therapy or facial nerve stimulation treatments.

I have an appointment in two weeks to see an ear specialist.  Since I had surgery on the mastoid bone ten years ago, I may need another surgery to clean out any leftover fluids from the infection.

I am pleased with my current rate of recovery and appreciate everyone that has prayed for me, sent positive thoughts, and helped me during this difficult time.




20 thoughts on “Bell’s Palsy Recovery

  1. Yahoo! I am ecstatic for you. As a stroke survivor, I’ve understood a lot of what you’ve been facing these last weeks. The devastation that could have happened [but didn’t] would have been life-changing and, oh, so depressing. Chew gum on the weak side of your mouth.

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  2. Happy to hear you are having good recovery from Bells Palsy. I had this after getting shingles n my left ear in 2012. I still have some residual difficulties ie cannot fully smile and still have vision difficulties when I am tired but feel so pleased with my progress..I had acupuncture and facial massage and also had steroid treatment to help me…of course the most important thing was I had lots of friends like Darlene Foster praying for my recovery. May your recovery continue to be a good one.

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