I Fell Out of a Moving Vehicle

It all started when Joey bolted out the door and ran down the street.  Joey is a well trained dog and even has his Canine Good Citizen award.  However, sometimes he acts like he never had a day of training in his life.  This isn’t the first time he has done such a foolish act, which is why he is called the Knucklehead.

I grabbed a leash, a bag of treats, called for Gwen, and we headed out to find our crazy dog.

I was driving down Emroy Road, when I spotted Joey.  Gwen and I started throwing treats out the window and calling for him.

Joey approached the Jeep and was standing right beside my door.  I was so excited about finding him that I started to get out of the vehicle, without putting the Jeep in park.

I had one foot on the pavement and one foot inside the Jeep when it started rolling down the hill.  The forward momentum caused me to fall out of the vehicle and I hit the asphalt.

Unfortunately, Joey decided to start running again and he was gone by the time I was able to stand.

On a positive note, Gwen was still in the Jeep.  She was able to reach over to the brake pedal with her hand and shift the gear into park, which stopped the Jeep from running into the parked car in front of us.

There were no major injuries, just a few really big bruises and a lot of scrapes.

We got back in to the Jeep and continued our search for Joey.  A few minutes later, we spotted Joey again.  This time I put the Jeep in park, before getting out of the vehicle.

We started tossing treats to Joey and Gwen was able to grab his collar.  We got Joey into the Jeep and everyone made it home safe and mostly sound.




17 thoughts on “I Fell Out of a Moving Vehicle

  1. Glad it all turned out well and there were only minor injuries. That could have been so much worse.Tell Joey that Tippy says you have to sit and the door and wait for you human to tell you to go outside. You never know what might be out there. 😉

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  2. Lucky you Lynn that no one got seriously hurt and too that Joey was located and is now safe and sound at home. As a dog walker and someone with many doggies who love to come with me I do tend to ensure they have a leash attached if I am taking them in my car …so they don’t get so excited and jump out. I can well imagine how traumatized everyone might have felt…thank goodness for your friends quick action too.


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