The Public Library – An Underutilized Resource


I completed the Photoshop 2 class at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot of new things to improve my Photoshop skills.

Public libraries are an underutilized resource in most communities.  They offer free educational classes, children’s programs, homework help, book clubs, and all sorts of other benefits to the community.

Have you been to the library lately and if so what do you like most about your public library?

8 thoughts on “The Public Library – An Underutilized Resource

  1. Our library hosts a wonderful museum, with knowledgeable volunteers who can take us through the whole history of our town. It’s a great experience for casual visitors and for the fourth or fifth graders who come as a class trip.

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  2. My local library is The Terry Fox Library named after our Canadian Hero Terry Fox who created awareness for cancer by doing The Marathon Of Hope across Canada on only one leg and partial use of a prosthesis. There is a lot of historic items pertaining to his life and challenges …such a great person…..check a book out on his story. The Terry Fox Library is a hub of activity, and as well the library has wonderful librarians who are always very helpful…whenever I think of libraries I think how fortunate I am I was taught early in life how to read. Latest book I read Goodbye Jimmy

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  3. Lynn Thaler:Please forgive me I said I was going to the beginning to read your posts where they started but, I seen the title “The Public Library” and how it is a resource many citizens often overlook but, it is my favorite hangout and I must say I even pass by the books in the library to get connected. The technology has made us addicts to it gradually. I applaud your courage cause the image editor I have on my PC I planned to try to learn how to use it cause, I wanted to learn to create some graphics but, fear of failure stopped me. Just a quick stop to read this post I had to.


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