Arguments for God

Saint Thomas Aquinas developed five arguments for the existence of God, which I have summarized:

  1.  The Unmoved Mover – The ever changing universe must have something that moves it or that directs the change.  God is that mover.
  2. The First Cause – Everything is caused by something and nothing can cause itself to exist.  God is the first cause.
  3. The Argument from Contingency – Everything is perishable and considering all the variables working against the world, everything should be extinct.  God is the imperishable being that allows perishable existence to continue.
  4. The Argument from Degree – We are able to see the world in degrees of goodness, truth, and nobility.  There must be a standard by which to judge goodness and that standard is God.
  5. The Argument from Design – Unintelligent objects behave in regular and predictable patterns.  Their behavior must be set or designed.  God is the designer.

Saint Thomas Aquinas.jpg(source:

7 thoughts on “Arguments for God

  1. KIA says:

    How do you go from arguments to actual evidence?
    How do you get from a generic, non personal, deistic god to the specific god of the Bible? And is there actual evidence for the existence, not of the philosophers god, but the specific god of the bible?

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  2. Wendy Smith says:

    I recently took a class called teaching others to defend Christianity. The classs was taught by Cathryn S. Buse. She has written a very good book by the same name. She sites some of these very same arguments. She is a very interesting author since she has a Batchelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering.

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  3. I have never come across these before; I’m adding them to my notes. Thanks for sharing.
    And, I do not believe there will ever be physical (scientific) evidence of God because God is spirit.
    There may be great wonders, and we may even see miracles along the way. But I do not believe anyone will ever be able to point their finger and say, “There is God.” For which way would they point? lol

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