Whole Living in a Broken World


Charles Davis is a local minister and author.  I meet him last year at the Southern Author’s Expo in Huntsville, Alabama.  I was intrigued by the title of his book “Whole Living in a Broken World,” so I bought a copy.  I finally got around to reading it this week.

According to Charles Davis, the problems in churches are:

  1.  Most “members” never attend
  2. Personal transformation is rare
  3. Biblical illiteracy is rampit
  4. A lot of members who attend don’t want to participate

These problems have lead to the broken world we live in today.  The solutions that will allow for whole living are:

  1.  Know and experience God as He is
  2. Understand the grace of God
  3. The Holy Spirit is central to the spirit life of believers
  4. Avoid sins that prevent whole living
  5. Exercise faith through worship, service, Bible study, prayer, fasting, thankfulness, generosity, and church attendance

I did enjoy reading the book and found it beneficial.  Also, there is a lot of good advice in this book.

There is one thing I found a bit odd.  The author excessively quoted other biblical scholars and theologians.  Almost every paragraph had a quote in it and every principle was backed by numerous quotes.

I have nothing against using quotes and often do so in my own writing.  However, when it is so pervasive it feels like the author was unable to support his ideas without the help of others or like the author was totally reliant on what other writers had to say about each subject.

2 thoughts on “Whole Living in a Broken World

  1. The quote thing is interesting. If you are writing a book, seems that you should be an “expert” in your own right on the subject. Maybe he was excessively afraid of being accused of plagiarism. Perhaps burnt in the past. His ideas seem to be spot on, though.

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