Sparky – Our Newest Family Member

With five dogs in the house, floor cleaning is a daily necessity.  I decided the Thaler family needed a robotic vacuum cleaner to help with this chore and I named him Sparky.

I admit I was concerned about how the dogs would react to Sparky.  However, they just looked at him and then wondered off to do their doggy stuff.  Apparently, the boys don’t find Sparky to be all that interesting.


Welcome to the Thaler Family and to your new home, Sparky.

9 thoughts on “Sparky – Our Newest Family Member

  1. Life With 3 Dogs says:

    Cool I really want one of these, but we have that plush carpet and I hear that they don’t work that well on plush carpet…Do you have this kind of carpet if so how does Sparky work? Thanks!

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  2. I was taking care of two of my neighbours pooches and stayed over too. The neighbour forgot to mention they had a Roomba and so I almost died of shock when the Roomba suddenly powered up and set about the room cleaning…..while I wondered what was happening and was freaking out…no idea how to turn it off I might add Johnston and Jessie, the pets, just sat where they were and were pretty relaxed, just left me wondering where next the Roomba would be cleaning since it was I figured obviously programmed….we all laughed about it ..lmeanwhile I added this question to my Home/pet sitting notes: Do you have a programmed vacuum? Enjoy Sparky …I don’t have one yet:)

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