Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Today is Thank a Mail Carrier day.  Unfortunately, mail Carriers are often overlooked and taken for granted.

They work in blazing hot summers, bone chilling winters, and even in torrential rains.

Everyday they go to work and find a pile of boxes and letters.  They work their tails off all day, only to find another pile the next day.  It’s a never ending cycle.

It takes a tough and persistent person to be a mail carrier and I appreciate all their hard work.



10 thoughts on “Thank a Mail Carrier Day

  1. trE says:

    Hmm… I wish there was more consistency in the work than there is now, but they… are to be recognized and appreciated. It’s a tough job and not many are built for it. This is a great post, Lynn!

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      • trE says:

        Oh, I know I cannot do their job. It’s clearly not for me. I’d get hives just thinking about the mail and I’d overwork my brain making sure every piece of mail goes exactly where it needs to. They deal with far too much.

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  2. Another thankless job. Just like the many other services that are provided to the public where the staff are not valued. I have seen several incidents this week alone where I’ve been in places and so had the desire to tell fellow customers that the person they’re humiliating doesn’t get paid enough to put up with it.

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  3. My postie is truly appreciated year round and especially during winter when even I have difficulty walking one block down my drive….and the postie walks many with two mail bags one on each side, as well has to decide maybe which driveway might have ice under the snow, and or dogs who don’t like the postie anytime ! Let’s be sure to be kind and remember our manners saying thanks with a smile:)

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