Kitchen Worm

A few days ago, Joey found a worm in the backyard and he brought it into the house.  Joey dropped the worm on the kitchen floor.  Surprisingly the worm was still alive.

Joey was rather pleased with himself, but lost interest in the worm and decided to climb onto Gwen’s bed.  Since he just finished unearthing a worm, he was a bit muddy.

It’s a good thing he is cute.

The worm was retuned to his natural habitat and Gwen was able to get her bed in order.  Joey was not as dirty as we originally suspected and we all had a good laugh over the situation.

Joey is a total goofball, but we still love him.


10 thoughts on “Kitchen Worm

  1. Joey is a handsome fellow. Just be glad it was only a worm and not something big and dead, or, worse yet, something big and alive. Tippy likes to dig up moles. I’d hate to have one of those running around loose in the house.

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