The Golden Rules of Blogging


There seems to be an endless number of rules on how to become a successful blogger.  At times, the rules even contradict each other.  A few of the more common rules are:

  • Always self-host
  • Post at least once a day
  • Pick a niche and stick to it
  • Be personable
  • Optimize keywords in every post
  • Build an email list

How important how these rules?

In his book, “The Golden Rules of Blogging,” Robin Houghton takes a look at the most common rules.  He explains their origin, level of risk involved in breaking the rule, and discusses the pros and cons of each rule.

Robin Houghton also tells the reader the validity of each rule depends on what you want to achieve with your blog.

11 thoughts on “The Golden Rules of Blogging

  1. *Smile*. Well, you know me when it comes to rules in blogland! Especially when discussing certain inflammatory topics. 😉

    I often decide what ”hat” I shall wear at random as I sit at the keyboard and go for it.

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  2. I threw the “post once a day” rule out the window right away. I don’t have enough to talk about daily. I don’t think many people do, and I’m sure the people who read my books and visit my website aren’t interested in reading about what the weather is like outside my window that day or what I ate for breakfast.

    I post once a week and usually, I have something of substance to talk about after a week of mulling things over.

    SEO keywords are good to use, but it’s painfully obvious when a blogger overuses them and starts writing nonsense just to stick a few more keywords in there, which is extremely off-putting. Mostly, I just remember to use a featured image to draw people in and tag my post appropriately.

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