Cold Spell Confusion


The local meteorologist  is predicting a cold spell this weekend.  He even used a blue icy-wind graphic to drive home his point.  However, I am confused.

Admittedly, it will be cooler on Saturday.  It just seems a bit dramatic to use the term cold spell and graphics with blue icy-winds.  The coldest day will be in the upper 50’s and it’s still February.

Maybe the meteorologist has a different definition of cold than I do.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Cold Spell Confusion

  1. As a New Yorker his cold spell has me laughing. Try the 20-30 degree temperature & snowstorm New York City had earlier this month. Have some sleet & icy freezing rain smack you in the face while you trudge to work.
    Now that’s a cold spell! ♡☆

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    • Snow is rare here, so when it happens the entire city closes. There is also a made dash to the grocery story, if the weather forecast even mentions a small possibility of snow.

      It is also rare for us to have below freezing temperatures. When that happens, we get public service announcements on how to prevent pipes from freezing and reminders to check on elderly family members or people that are home bond.

      Now if you want to talk about heat spells and tornados, we got that covered. 🙂

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  2. aphrodite smiles says:

    Has the world turned upside down? I mean, here in Montreal, we’re expecting 15 degrees (or 59F) for Saturday. Not normal for this time of year here.. but we’ll take it! 😀

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