Hoping and Enduring (Matthew 10)

Jesus sent out the twelve apostles to preach the gospel and minister to the people.  He warned them of the possibility of persecution and encouraged them.  Jesus also told them to not be afraid, because their faithfulness will be rewarded.

It is easy to lose hope in the moment.  At times, the world looks bleak and the mission appears to be failing.  Some people will even mock your efforts.

It is important to remember, there is a bigger picture that we cannot see.  It’s like looking a few puzzle pieces and trying to understand what they represent.


God knows how each piece fits together.  What I do is only one piece of the puzzle and what you do is another piece.  In time each piece will come together and the entire picture will be known.


When you feel discouraged and it seems hopeless, remember you are only seeing a piece of the puzzle.  With hope and endurance, continue your good work and know the picture will be revealed in time.



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