Day Spent Honoring Aaron Thaler

We spent the day honoring my brother.  We told stories and laughed, but we also cried.

Mom and I went to the Huntsville Botanical Garden to see the tree that I sponsored in memory of Aaron.  I presented the sponsorship information to Mom last Christmas, because I  wanted her to know Aaron will never be forgotten and his life made a difference in this world.

Then Mom, Gwen, and I went to the cemetery to put fresh flowers on the grave.  It was hard standing there looking at his headstone.  We all miss Aaron so much and there will always be an empty place in our lives.

8 thoughts on “Day Spent Honoring Aaron Thaler

    • Aaron was Wiccan. His horoscope sign was Leo and he was a fire sign. He was born in the year of the dragon, according to the Chinese horoscope. He used Leo Fire Dragon as his chosen name in his religion. It was an important aspect of his life, so we honored that by putting it on the headstone.

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  1. Lynn Thaler: I usually don’t comment on posts like for fear of offending but, your post help me remember my Grandmother who’s memories of are few cause I was so, young when she passed. Thank you, it helped me remember things about her.How she never wasted & only used what she needed plus I see that in Mom that same quality plus Moms unlimited support needs applauding. My Aunt Stein who was giving person who taught me my first lesson of cooking pancakes which I still love to this day. Sorry, for long post & I hope I did not offend any, final note that all our loved ones live on in our vibrant memories of them.


  2. Seems so hard to visit a loved ones grave, but it is important to know your brother is remembered and loved, and know his spirit is still with you. My mother died in 1961 when I was 11 and while on a visit to see family last September my brother, sister and niece went to her grave. It was one incredibly difficult visit for me, but for my sister and brother and niece it meant so much for they had never been able to pay a visit there, nor to pay respects to our wonderful mum. I send warm thoughts your way.


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