Toddlers Dying at the Dentist

In the past few months, I have noticed several articles about small children dying at the dentist office.  The articles have a couple of notable similarities.

  • The children are extremely young (under 6 years old) and were given a mixture of sedative drugs, so the procedures could be done while they were asleep.
  • The articles said the children were all receiving routine dental work, such as crowns and root canals.

Why are these procedures considered routine for toddlers?  I don’t understand why a toddler needs crowns or root canals.  Their teeth will fall out in a couple of years anyway.  Wouldn’t it be  safer to remove the tooth?  It seems awfully risky to pump large amounts of anesthetic drugs into such small children for a procedure that isn’t really necessary.

I also wonder why this is happening.  Has our society become so vain that we will risk the lives of little children, so they don’t have to spend a few years with a missing tooth?  Are the dentist in these cases so materialistic that they will risk the lives of children for substantial profit?

I admit, I don’t have kids.  Also, I have never worked at a dental office.  Is there something I am missing?  Is there any valid reasons little children need crowns or root canals?  I would love to know what you think, especially if you have any experience in the dental field or if you have raised children.




6 thoughts on “Toddlers Dying at the Dentist

  1. This sounds atrocious. I don’t have kids either but I’d hardly call root canal work routine, even on an adult. And surely this kind of work needs to wait until they’re older. How on earth can this work be needed at such a young age? Perhaps we are missing something.

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  2. Wendy Smith says:

    This kind of anesthesia shouldn’t be given to young children in a Dental office, outside of a hospital. These children could have been sent home without proper monitoring also. That is beside the point that many of these are probably not necessary procedures.

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  3. I do agree how hard it is to hear of children and their dental treatment. It’s hard to think these procedures are difficult and challenging for adults even. I recall taking my son to meet and tour a local paediatric dentist office when he was in preschool, but at no time was there discussion about such treatment. Too little care seems to be taken as to really whether there is a real need and not leave till later in childhood. Seems they should legislate changes in light of children’s deaths.

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  4. I wish there was a dentist who would answer these questions, because, like everyone else so far, I see no need for them. Besides, kids are really cute with missing teeth, so don’t know why they wouldn’t just pull a baby tooth. I say they are cute because I work in a daycare and one of the 3 year olds, on my watch, fell on the playground and hit his mouth. They wound up having to pull one of his front teeth and he is so cute with it out. I hate that it happened, but that cuteness.

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