Sleep Talker

I have a tendency to talk in my sleep.  I usually just say a few random words and it doesn’t make much sense to anyone that may hear me.

I also have a tendency to move around, as if I am acting out a dream.  A few nights ago, I was dreaming about escaping a room with a trip wire at the door.  In my dream, I raised my leg high into the air and crossed over the wire.

In reality, I was sleeping on my side and was on the edge of the bed.  While asleep, I moved my leg over the edge of the bed and toward my head.  This caused me to slide off the bed.

I found myself on the floor after this rude awakening.  The first thing that came to my mind:  I can’t believe I just fell off my bed, how ridiculous.


Has this ever happened to you?  If you have any funny stories about things you have done in your sleep, please share it in the comment section.  I am sure I am not the only adult that falls out of bed on occasion.

6 thoughts on “Sleep Talker

  1. I have never fallen out of bed but as a child I used to try and get out of the house. My parents always made sure all the doors were locked. Many times they would find me struggling with the door but I never tried to unlock it. I once tried to pee on my Father’s shoes while asleep. He caught me in time. Fortunately I grew out of it. Maybe I didn’t like the house. I have no stories after we


  2. Well, when I was very little, mom tells that I fell out of the top bunk bed once and rolled all the way across the floor and didn’t even wake up. After that, I had to sleep on the bottom bunk. Also, in the house we lived in, my brother and I had rooms upstairs with no real walls between us – just the staircase and wardrobes. Dad heard us arguing back and forth one night and came to see what the problem was and we were both alseep! LOL

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