12 thoughts on “Snotty Today

  1. Ugly…snot that is! Hope you feel much better soon….I come from Nottingham, UK and in years past I believe it was originally named Snottingham…..also there’s a town in the city called Sneinton…now I need to check out more history on this while you are blowing your nose and keeping your nasal passages clear.

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    • I live in the Tennessee Valley region, which is located at the base of the Appalachian Mountain range. We have a subtropical climate and the surrounding mountains keep the pollen from dissipating. Locals refer to the area as Sneezing Valley.

      If you like looking at the bright side of things, makers of decongestant and allergy medications can make a fortune here. 🙂


      • As a side note: the Tennessee Valley includes parts of Tennessee and Alabama. It was confusing when I first moved here and everyone was talking about the Tennessee Valley, but I was living in Alabama.


  2. Oh my! Hope being snotty means you are getting better and the congestion is going away. My dad used to say that we were made backwards when we were snotty. We’d ask why and he would say, “Because your feet smell and your nose is running.” 😉

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