Who Controls You?

Who controls you?  Do you have an internal or an external locus of control?

Those who believe outside forces completely determine what will happen to them, have an external locus of control.  They view obstacles as insurmountable and believe they are unable to change their life circumstances.

Those who believe they can impact their life through their own actions, have an internal locus of control.  They are not immune to unfortunate  events, trauma, or other obstacles.  However, they focus on finding solutions to their problems.

It is important to notice, bad things happen to people in both groups.  The difference is in how they view negative events and in how they deal with the problems created by those events.


7 thoughts on “Who Controls You?

  1. I am definitely internal…..i believe no matter what happens to you, we are better likely to deal with ups and downs if we, take some ownership….by being ones own problem solver (notwithstanding those loved ones we know are by our side) then we might feel more in control.

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  2. I am internal too, but, when really terrible things happen – like the death of a loved one, it does take me a little while to start working on it. I think I hang out in the middle somewhere for a little while first.

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