Fist 5k Charity Run – Done

I completed my first 5k (3.6 miles) charity run today.  My left leg started burning, due to shine splints after the first mile.  I ended up limping a good bit during the course and I felt nauseous after the second mile.  However, I refused to give up and I just kept moving forward.  I was determined to finish the race.

I came in last place, but I am still proud of myself.

I am ready for a nap now.   🙂



10 thoughts on “Fist 5k Charity Run – Done

  1. Good for you to persevere and to complete the run. I remember my first participation in The Vancouver Sun Run in 2000. Before that Run I always participated in The Terry Fox Run…The Marathon of Hope. Terry lost his life to cancer but before dying he commenced a cross Canada Run known internationally as well as in Canada The Marathon of Hope. I encourage everyone to participate … does make the pain worth it if it’s for a good cause:)

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  2. Good for you for persevering and completing the race. You might have come in last with those who were participating, but you were way ahead of all of those who were still at home, sitting on their couch!

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