I Tend to Ramble

I have a tendency to ramble when I talk to people.  I am not sure why I feel compelled to go into a lengthy discussion in order to answer a simple question.

For Example:

Stranger –  What’s your dog’s name?

Me – This is Ben and he is a 2 year old Great Pyrenees.  He weighs over 100 pounds.  The Great Pyrenees were bred to be guard dogs, that’s why he is so big.  They often work in pairs when protecting animals in the field.  They are so intimidating, wolves usually don’t bother attacking.  The wolves prefer to find prey that will not result in massive injury to any of the pack members.  They are also lazy dogs.  Ben is the laziest dog I have ever seen.  When he was puppy, he wouldn’t walk more than three blocks before collapsing in the grass.  I thought something was wrong with the dog, so I took him to a local veterinarian and even took him to an animal cardiologist in Birmingham.  I spent a couple thousand dollars just to discover, I have a super lazy dog.  Also, his undercoat is so thick it’s more like wool than fur.  If you want to trim it, you will need clippers designed for sheering sheep.  Anyway, his name is Ben.  We call him Baby Ben a lot, because he is the youngest dog in the family.


4 thoughts on “I Tend to Ramble

  1. Hm…I am not sure but I think I might be a rambler too…so don’t worry you are not alone. I always think it’s rude to be abrupt, give short answers and I think it’s great if by sharing your knowledge you have also enlightened someone who didn’t know about the topic…ie Ben’s dog breed:)

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