Holding a Snake

I was wondering what it would be like to hold a snake.  I went to Animal Trax in Madison, Alabama, because they specialize in reptiles.

I talked with the store clerk about why someone would want to have a pet snake.  They don’t interact with their owners much and they just seem to hang out in their cages all day.  The clerk gave me a list of reasons, but I still don’t see the attraction.

She let me hold an adult Ball Python, because they tend to be docile.  The first thing I noticed was the skin felt smooth and soft.  The snake is also strong and muscular.  I could feel the muscles contracting and relaxing as the snake wrapped around my hand and started to slide up my arm.

I thanked the store clerk, bought some dog treats, and headed home.  It was an interesting experience.


10 thoughts on “Holding a Snake

  1. Samantha says:

    I think maybe it’s for status or to observe the snake rather than to pet it (although I’d try to pet it – but I’ll try to pet any animal provided it’s not an insect that could sting me or something that lives underground, being a worm and all). Cool that you got to hold one!

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  2. You are way too brave, I can honestly say….way too brave. My friend’s younger son had reptiles for ever and as their pet minder I always took care of their pets when they went away….there was Rocky the pet gecko….and then there were the stick insects….all in their own aquariums….and there was Pricilla their cat. There was also a ball 🐍 but I always expected him to find an alternate pet carer for his “lovely other pet”. Thank goodness I never had him on my pet care client list! Of course I always checked how well he was when visiting some nice he was “one of Calens menagerie of reptiles”.

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  3. I never saw a reason to have a snake as a pet either. My husband was great at getting me over my extreme fear of them, and I actually touched a green tree snake once. Now, I don’t mind if they are around outside, because they DO keep away mice, which, on my list is much worse than a snake. I just don’t want them inside my house. On the rare occasion that I find one in the garage, I will shush it down the hill into the woods so it can do it’s job of keeping the rodent population down.

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  4. One time several years ago I was in a Burger King and some guy walked in with his pet snake. I thought it might be fun to hold the snake, so I asked if I could. The snake owner was delighted and allowed me to hold the snake for a while. I have never been squeamish and I thought this was all very amusing. I was a lot younger then — now it occurs to me that a snake in a Burger King might be quite unsanitary, but no one seemed to mind, haha!

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