Life Doesn’t Come With Guarantees

I was at the cemetery and I saw a grave for a women that was 103 years old when she died.  Right next to her is the grave of a baby that only lived three months.

I stood there for a few minutes and thought about what I was seeing.  It reminded me that life doesn’t come with guarantees.  We are not promised tomorrow.  Life is not fair.

It also reminded me of the importance of making the most of each day and making sure my loved ones know how much I care about them.  I may never get another chance to make things right, so if owe anyone an apology or need to make amends I should do it as soon as I am made aware of my mistake.

Life is short and tomorrow may never come, so enjoy the moment while you have it.


Shopping for Locally Grown Food and Hand Made Products

Mom and I went to the Farmer’s Market and to Bailey’s Artisan Mall this morning.

Food items from local farms taste so much better than what we can buy at the grocery store.  The fresh fruits and vegetables are full of flavor and their scents fill the air.

I also enjoyed the handmade items at Bailey’s, because they are all unique.  I prefer having items that are different and have character.

I bought the dragon fly for mom.  It’s an early Mother’s Day present and I think she will enjoy it.

Planet Fitness Review

I have heard some people criticize Planet Fitness.  The gym only has basic weight machines and cardio machines.  There is a bucket of tootsie rolls at the check-in counter.  They use a lunk alarm if you make to much noise.  All these things are true.

However, I like Planet Fitness.  I feel more confutable there, since they cater to those who are not typical gym users.  I feel intimidated going into most gyms.  I don’t say that to accuse anyone in those gyms.  I have never had a bad experience at any gym.

I see people that are so far ahead of me in the fitness arena and I feel inadequate.  I know it’s a personal issue and I need to work on it.  Being able to go to Planet Fitness has helped me overcome those feelings.

That’s why I enjoy Planet Fitness.  If you have any experience with Planet Fitness, good or bad, tell me about it.  I would like to know what other people think about this gym.