Prom Night – Not Right

It’s senior prom night, and I just dropped off Gwen.  This can’t be right.  It seems like only a couple of years ago, I was a high school senior.  I was the one running off to school events.

In reality, it’s been a couple of decades.  Where did all those years go, and how could they have disappeared in the blink of an eye?

I also wonder what is my mom thinking tonight?  Her daughter just drove her granddaughter to the senior prom.  That’s got to feel weird.


10 thoughts on “Prom Night – Not Right

  1. For sure it’s got to feel weird but cool too. Your mum must be very proud of you both:) in the U.K. We never got to go to a Prom…but I recall we did have Speech Day when we were awarded awards for special achievements….we had to wear school uniforms …everyone the same so no real major expense…and yes parents, grandparents, friends, siblings everyone got to attend. My grandson is 3 so not sure I will get to see him graduate…I will be 80something by the time he graduates I am thinking…and pray for long healthy life.

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