Library and Museum Indefinitely and Temporally Closed


The Houston Memorial Library and Museum is located in Athens, Alabama.  George Houston was the governor of Alabama and a US senator.

George Houston died in the 1870’s.  In the 1930’s, Houston’s family donated his house and property to the city of Athens.  The property was freely given, with the stipulation the city would create a library and museum.

The museum was filled with historical documents, books, and various artifacts.  I always enjoyed visiting, because I would find something I missed during my prior visit.  I also loved the atmosphere of rooms filled with old books and their smell permeating throughout the house.

Unfortunately, the building was not properly maintained.  The house is no longer safe for the public to visit, so the city closed the Houston Museum and Library last year.

I am not optimistic about their plans.  The sign says it is, “Indefinitely and temporally closed for renovations,” which makes me cringe on so many levels.



8 thoughts on “Library and Museum Indefinitely and Temporally Closed

  1. I hope that it is only temporary and they fix it up, but, if they aren’t doing anything yet, chances are they won’t…..unless the public makes a big enough deal out of it being closed. It looks like a magnificent house. I would love to go, just to see the old house, let alone any of the artifacts. If they don’t fix up the house, I certainly hope that they take appropriate steps to preserve all of the books and documents, etc that reside there.

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