Worse Picnic Ever

Last summer, my family went to Lanier Lake for a picnic.  The weather was nice.  We ate hotdogs and played catch.  However, it was not an idyllic summer picnic.

I managed to jam a finger.  My finger swelled and I could not bend it.  It also hurt like the dickens.

Later on, I was trying to eat my hotdog with a swollen finger and sitting by the lake.  All of a sudden, a bird flying overhead decided to poop.  I ended up with bird poop all over my lap.  Talk about disgusting.

It was the worse picnic of my life.  However, the food was good and we had something to laugh about for several weeks.

It was the worse picnic of my life, but it was also a great picnic.


13 thoughts on “Worse Picnic Ever

    • Me too. I actually had one poop on my leg while I was sitting inside the car. The window was down and somehow he managed to poop at just the right time that the momentum carried it through the window. I don’t think I had any good luck that I recall. But, then again, maybe I didn’t have a car wreck that I could have had. Huh?


  1. Pat Mayfield says:

    You may not believe this but I was sitting on a porch once with my Dad at a gas station. We had justsat down to drink a coke when a bird flew over. It pooped and it fell right into my Dad’s shirt pocket!


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